Sign Up

You can sign up by creating a Challonge account and using our sign up page or by sending us a request on Discord/IRC. Events will last around 3 hours, but there will be time to take breaks in between your matches. It is okay to sign up and cancel later, but please DO NOT play one or two games and quit.


All events will be played using the round robin format. This means that players will be put into groups, and play one match against each opponent in their group. Then, after all the match are completed, the top player(s) from each group will advance to the semi-finals and play one match. The number of players advancing is determinant on how many groups there are. The winners will advance to the finals, and the losers will play a match for third place. You can look at some example tournament brackets here.

Round Robin

Best of 1, three maps will be randomly selected from the pool, each player will veto one map, the player with the lower ELO will veto first.


Same as round robin, except the player with the lower score ratio will veto first.


Best of 3, if there are 1-2 the groups, the higher seed will obtain a 1-0 match lead. Each player will get one map pick, the player with the lower seed will pick first. If there are 3-4 groups, the matches will work the same as the finals.


Same as round robin.


Best of 3, each player will get one map pick, then veto out the remaining maps for the third game. The player with the better round robin win percentage unless tied will pick first or defer to his/her opponent. If tied, the player with the higher ELO will obtain this right. The player who did not have the option to choose/defer will veto first.


Players will be split into groups equally based on their ELO. The number of players to advance will depend on the amount of groups. And the number of groups will depend on the total amount of participants (maximum 24). The tournament will be cancelled with less than 4 participants.

One (4-8 participants)

The top 4 players will advance to the semifinals.

Two (9-14, 16 participants)

The top 2 players will advance to the semifinals.

Three (15, 18 participants)

The top player will advance to the semifinals, the second place players will use the tiebreaking rules to determine the last semifinalist.

Four (16, 19-24 participants)

The top player will advance to the semifinals.


We will use a set of tiebreaking rules if there are ties within a group. This will determine seeding and who advances to the finals. All rules will be used in order until one of the tiebreakers determines a winner. The rules are as follows:

  • Better win/loss record vs other tied participants
  • Best of 1 tiebreaking matches, players will be seeded by higher score ratio versus tied participants

Map Pools

Efficiency FFA Instagib
aard3c corruption aard3c
academy hades complex
frozen metl2 duel7
legazzo metl3 douze
memento metl4 kffa
ot nmp8 ot
turbine tumwalk turbine


We will be using multiple servers hosted in Europe and/or the USA for all of our events. Here is the connect command:

/connect 10000|20000|30000|40000


If for any reason the server crashes or a player loses their scores, an admin will decide whether to replay or end the match, depending on the circumstances.


There will not be an anti-cheat client that is required to play. However, we do have a server side anti-cheat detection feature which can still detect certain methods of cheating. Players with a cheating history will not be allowed to play. All decisions made by the admin team are final.


If you find that either you or your opponent is lagging you may pause the game and wait for the lag to subside, or if the lag persists, talk to an admin. All decisions made by the admin team are final.


Please remember that this is a FREE service provided by volunteers. That means we are NOT being paid and are choosing to do this in our free time. We will do our best to provide high quality service for all players, but we are not perfect, and cannot always satisfy the needs of everyone. Most importantly, don’t forget that this is still just a game, so HAVE FUN!